A Tribute to Depeche Mode
Sweetest Temptation
L'Image - Useless
Yendri - Behind The Wheel
Point Of View - Everything Counts
China-Touch - World in My Eyes
Thomas Schumacher - Tora! Tora! Tora!
Obsc(y)re - People Are People
Mad M - Leave in Silence
God Module - Little 15
Silent Promises - Waiting for the Night
Head-Less - It's No Good

Condition One - Insight
New Concept - Blue Dress
Page Of Quire - Reason Man
Flesh Field - Enjoy the Silence
Floating Point - Home 

A Tribute to Depeche Mode
Thank You
V-tech - Just can´t get enough 
Unique - Behind the wheel 
Pierrot - But not tonight 
Neo - New dress 
Remember - Policy of truth 
Csaszar elöd - Somebody 
Xpc Sexepil - Home 
Sterbinszky - It´s no good 
Shape - World full of nothing 
Agnes Vanilla - Enjoy the silence 
O.J. Samson - Photographic 
Publo Hunny - Little 15 
Emee - Everything counts ( Reprise) 

A Tribute to Depeche Mode
Thank You...Too
Szakos feat ákos - Here Is the House
Zagar - Only When I Lose Myself
Spigiboy feat Hauber - Question of Time
Nona - Shake the Disease
Hooligans - Personal Jesus
Váczi Eszter feat Xpc Prod. - Master and Servant
Kozmix - Strangelove
Ketten - Higher Love
Groovehouse vs Latenite Works - Stripped
The Casio Samples - Black Celebration

Akos - World In My Eyes
Alex feat Quick - Halo
Sexepil Viclaz - Feel Loved
Splash - Condemnation
Challenger In Pieces - Personal Jesus

Barrel Of The Sons
Laura Effect - Barrel Of A Gun
Encounter - The Love Thieves
Proxy - Home
Automatic - It's No Good
Infam - Useless
Forbidden Colours - Sister Of Night
Sombre View - Freestate
Estrange - The Bottom Line
Children Within - Insight
LCD - Painkiller

Blasphemous Rumours
An electronic tribute to
Depeche Mode
Blasphemous Garden - Blas. Rumours 
The Ineffable - Enjoy The Silence
Ultra Vision - Just Can’t Get Enough 
The Scarabs - Get The Balance Right 
The Ineffable - Useless
Judas - Stripped
Mirrorman - Little 15 
Hineon - Policy Of Truth
Zerofighters - It’s No Good
The ineffable - I Feel You 
Latex Empire - Master And Servant
The Ineffable - Walking In My Shoes 
Kirk - Behind The Wheel 
Audio Science - Strangelove 

Children Of Depeche Mode
Naveed - It’s No Good
Re:mind - Leave In Silence
Death nature - Shake The Disease
Pli Mplim M - The Sun And The Rainfall
Difference - Behind The Wheel 
Celluloide - Somebody
Aleni - I Am You 
Communications Zero - Things You Said
Forestate - The Bottom Line 
Jadisalti Mbang - Policy Of Truth
Antigluck feat. Dip - World Full Of Nothing
Dead Soul Rising - Enjoy The Silence
Stone Cold - To have And To Hold 
Forestate - Easy Tiger (bonus) 

Color Theory
presents Depeche Mode
I Want You Now 
Sister Of Night
It Doesn’t Matter
Sweetest Perfection 
Here Is The House
I Am You
World Full Of Nothing 
But Not Tonight
One Caress
Leave In Silence 
Ponytail Girl

Coming Back To You
A  tribute to Depeche Mode (and others)
Television Set 
Reason Man
Tomorrows Dance
I Like It
The Price Of Love

Condition Icon
Strange Ispirations
I Love To Hate You
Ship Of - Home - Fools
Love Comes Quickly
Send Me An Angel
Question Of Lust
Sometimes (the Erasure song, not the DM one)
(Hidden way at the end of track 10) Death's Door
(Also Tribute to Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Real Life) 

Cover Me Vol.1
In Strict Confidence - Stripped
Alex Sacher - Home
Godheads - One Caress
Fishtank No. 9 feat. Christa Belle - Blue Dress 
Coming Back To You - Television Set
Mirrorman - Little 15 
Cut.Rate.Box feat. Kurt Harland - Behind The Wheel
Lights Of Euphoria - Waiting For The Night
Dark Distant Dspaces - A Question Of Lust
No Comment - Walking in My Shoes 
Battery - Shame 
Seega - Blasphemous Rumours 
C Project feat. Darrin Huss - Just Can`t Get Enough
Controlled Fusion - In Your Memory 

Death Is Everywhere
Marika - Photographic
Andrea Orlandi - New Life (Instrumental)
Marika - Tora Tora Tora
Marika - My Secret Garden
Kebabtraume - More Than A Party
Alio Die - Blasphemous Rumours
Technique Overline - Fly On The Windscreen
Mail Art - I Want You Now
Art-Work - Policy Of Truth
Mail Art - Halo
Dionea - Sweetest Perfection
Mail Art - Rush
Kebabtraume - Photopuppets Medley

Depesha Dila
CD 1
Bravo - Little 15
Jack Action - World In My Eyes
Arrival Project - Nothing To Fear
Anna - Somebody
Triplex Featuring DJ Phillip - The Sun And The Rainfall
Deaduschki - Lie To Me
Najk Borsow - The Things You Said
Pelageja - Home
Skrjabin - Behind The Wheel 
Pan Gimalajskij - Black Celebration
Dewuschkin Son - Enjoy The Silence
DJ Groove - Sometimes Eklektika - Dangerous
Tarakani! - Personal Jesus
Intra - Sister Of Night
CD 2
Tequilajazzz & Andrej Samsonow - Condemnation
Kujbul - Policy Of Truth
Anna Morosowa - The Bottom Line
Delphin - Stripped
Sputnik 55 (DJ Fonar) - Behind The Wheel
Solar X - World In My Eyes
Thaivox - Little 15
Ulji - A Question Of Time
Gitaristereo - Sombody
Olga InberI - Feel You
Razkewitsch - It's No Good
Saw Angels - Strangelove
Sobaki Tabaka! - In Your Room

A tribute to Depeche Mode
Sero Overdose - Walking In My Shoes
Fictional - Happiest Girl
Red Sparrow - In Your Room
Inscape Feat. DJWarlock - World In My Eyes
Point Of View - Never Let Me Down Again 
Brave New World - Shake The Disease
Area 51 - A Question Of Lust 
Sombre View - Freelove
Yendri - Everything Counts
Pleasures Remain - Higher Love 

Matrix - But Not Tonight 
Inscape - Enjoy The Silence
China-Touch - Sister Of Night
Cut Rate Box (Duplicate) - Behind The Wheel 
Pilori - Shake The Disease 

Devotiňn por las masas
Begońa - Free Love
Deluxe - Everything Counts 
Australian Blonde - People Are People 
Maga - Libble Is 
Viena 1 - Sometimes 
Sexy Sadie - Blasphemous Rumours 
Luxury - Shake The Disease
Nińos Mutantes - El silencio (Enjoy The Silence) 
Simo - Walking In My Shoes
Digital 21 - Never Let Me Down Again 

Los acusicas - Tu único dios (Personal Jesus)
L Kan - Ama y esclavo (Master And Servant)
Dirty Princess - Pleasure Little Pleasure 
Alex Under - Monument
Universal Circus - Just Can't Get Enough

Different Creeds
Battery Bride - Halo 
Theriak - Little 15 
London 86 - Sister of Night 
Real Motion - Black Celebration 
Diablos Suite - Surrender 
Chris Kay feat. Stian Shiver - Freestate 
Fairground - New Life 
Relic Debris - World Full Of Nothing 
Plaisir De Vie - Stripped 
Fair Go - Mercy In You 
SynDesigner - Shame 

Conscience - It Doesn´t Matter 
Darken - Somebody 
Fatal Exposure - But Not Tonight 
Allergy - Puppets 
Urwaerk - Shake The Disease 
Das Schwarze System - Everything Counts